Top 10 Relaxing Bath Tracks

Soaking in a bath of warm water is the perfect way to have some time for you and relax, it also has numerous health benefits, and this subject deserves a whole blog spot of its own.

Listening to music can have an extremely calming and relaxing effect too; in fact it can actually reduce stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol so music combined with bathing seems to us the perfect solution to relive the stresses from mind and body, which we harbour from everyday living.

Music can make you feel hopeful, powerful and in control of your life. It can absorb your attention and act as a distraction whilst it helps to explore our emotions, making it the perfect aid to meditation, helping to prevent the mind from flitting around.

Musical tastes and preference can be widely diverse between individuals so you may want to put your own playlist together but here we have our playlist of our favourite Top 10 Relaxing Bath Tracks to aid that golden rest time in your bath to help your mind relax as well as your body.

The sounds of nature and sacred chants can be another fantastic way to sooth thoughts, help conjure up calming images and slow down your mind. This site offers a variety of music downloads.